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Social Evidence® and Internet for Lawyers Releases White Paper Focusing on Tips and Tricks to Find the Right Person on #SocialMedia

POSTED ON January 17, 2018

An eDiscovery White Paper to Assist Researchers in Locating Parties, Witnesses, Experts, & Jurors – Gainesville, FL. – January 17, 2018 – Andy Adkins, CIO of Social Evidence® collaborated with Carole Levitt, Esq., and Mark Rosch, founders of Internet for Lawyers, Inc., to publish an extremely valuable #eDiscovery white paper for those researching social media for evidence in legal matters. As social media use expands exponentially, there is both a duty to preserve content and a need for lawyers to learn how to find relevant social media evidence to use in litigation. In the paper, the authors describe mostly unknown tips and tricks for reliably finding the right people on the major social media platforms. This all-in-one guide will help researchers discover things they had never thought about and provide them with time-saving tools to not only find the right person but also how to locate other case-related information, including potential evidence, along the way.

No matter what studies you read, the numbers are all about the same. According to, the extremely popular go-to portal for statistics, “In 2017, 81% of North Americans had a social media profile, representing a five percent growth compared to the previous year. In 2017, there were some 208.91 million social network users in the United States, the equivalent of about three-quarters of the country’s population. According to estimates, the number of worldwide social media users reached 1.96 billion and is expected to grow to some 2.5 billion by 2018.”

“Jurors, judges, witnesses, opposing lawyers…everyone uses social media, not just opposing parties. This paper will be extremely beneficial in locating background information about anyone,” said Levitt of Internet for Lawyers. “This is all evidence that you can use to your client’s advantage that simply won’t be available anywhere else,” Levitt added.

Download the complete white paper at Social Evidence’s website – or at Internet for Lawyers website –

 About Social Evidence®

Social Evidence is a Cloud-based application that quickly and accurately collects, organizes, and analyzes data from specific social media sites for targeted accounts and provides tools to assist the legal professional to easily search, find, and use relevant case-related information in a repeatable, admissible, and legally-defensible format. The primary purpose is to assist legal professionals with a more efficient method of collecting and evaluating social media information as part of a litigation matter. The analysis and advanced analytical tools assist the attorney to organize the data with searching and filtering functions to easily pinpoint relevant data and potential evidence specific to the matter.

 About Internet for Lawyers, Inc.

Levitt and Rosch are co-founders of Internet for Lawyers, Inc. They have been full‐time internationally recognized CLE speakers and authors on the topics of Internet research (investigative, legal, and social media) since 1999. They provide seminars on these topics to local and state Bar Associations, corporations, government agencies and law firms. Since 2015, the company’s division has also provided law schools, and local and state Bar Associations around the country with distance CLE programs. They have written fourteen editions of The Cybersleuth’s Guide to Internet and are best‐selling ABA Law Practice Division authors.  


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