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Podcast – Judge Andrew Peck & Bill Hamilton Discuss Authentication of Social Media Evidence

POSTED ON February 21, 2017

This half hour podcast, moderated by Tom O’Connor, consultant to the legal profession, takes an in depth look from both sides of the bench. How to authenticate social media evidence has become a big challenge and the Honorable Judge Peck from the US District Court, Southern District of New York and Bill Hamilton, a veteran 30-year litigator and trial attorney as well as Executive Director of the UF eDiscovery Project at the University of Florida, delve deep into the issues surrounding the problems facing litigators.

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  • Always a pleasure to hear these three eDiscovery experts. The conversation is not only interesting, but it is obvious there is a lot of respect among these panelists. Thank you for putting this discussion together and making it available for the eDiscovery world.

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