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Clients Lie

POSTED ON December 21, 2017

By Andy Adkins – One of my past favorite TV shows was House. In many episodes, I heard House say, “Everybody Lies.”                                    
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We all understood what he meant and most of the time, with respect to his patients, they simply didn’t want to reveal past history or habits.

Take it over to the legal profession: “Clients Lie.” I’ve heard that statement from a lot of attorneys. It’s not necessarily that they’re hiding things (although many do), but a lot of times attorneys will ask detailed questions, specifically date-related, and clients just don’t remember. And, when asked to fill out a 10-page new client questionnaire (some attorneys still use these), some clients just can’t remember.

But since the invention of the World Wide Web and social media, some things that clients do just don’t go away. I often tell my friends, “Thank goodness the Internet wasn’t around when I was growing up; I certainly would have posted a lot of stupid things I did, especially while in the Navy.” [see below for a sample, most of which are true]

What if you had a tool that would allow you to “walk through” your client’s social media history? And, what if you could selectively review social media posts (and images) during a certain time period? And, what if you could display those posts on a visual timeline to see what was posted and when it was posted? Now THAT would be a powerful tool.

Good news. That tool is here and available – Social Evidence. [Well, almost…Social Evidence will launch during Q1-2018]

Social Evidence is a new cloud-based application that lets you collect social media data from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for your clients and other interested parties. Once that data is collected, Social Evidence provides you with advanced tools to slice and dice that data, allowing you to easily find social media data relevant to your legal matter.

Now, you can not only ask about your clients’ social media habits, you can follow up to see if there really is a potential liability. After all, it would be much better if you knew ahead of time if your client had posted something stupid or worse yet, something incriminating instead of finding out about it during trial. Clients don’t necessarily lie on purpose; they just sometimes forget what they post on social media. As the old saying goes, “What happens in Vegas… is now available with Social Evidence.”
Social Evidence_WP-Vegas_v3 edited
Go ahead, try us out: Again, we are launching Q1 of 2018.

“True” things I actually said during my Navy days…
• “Here; hold my beer.”
• “You’re not really going to drive that fire truck downtown with lights & sirens blaring, are you?”
• “Bet you can’t do a swan dive off the carrier flight deck.”
• “Who’s afraid of the Marines?”
• “Yes, I can handle a 2½” firehose by myself.”
• “Watch me ride the tail of this F-4 Phantom while it launches off the flight deck.”

Andy Adkins - CIO - Social Evidence

Andy Adkins –
CIO – Social Evidence

Andy Adkins is the Chief Information Officer of Social Evidence, LLC, a leading cloud-based social media collection, organization, authentication, and analytics application. He has been an independent legal technology consultant for more than 25 years, a past chair of the ABA TECHSHOW (2000, 2001) and past co-chair of LegalTech Conferences (2000-2007). He is the author of “The Lawyer’s Guide to Practice Management Systems” published in April 2009 by the ABA Law Practice Management Section. He can be reached at 352.538.5346, or

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