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Hide and Seek: Finding People on Facebook

Hide & Seek: Finding People on Facebook is a webinar filled with incredible tidbits for searching Facebook. Social media has become a “whole ‘nother” culture in itself, with its own language, its own relationships, and its own world. No matter what studies you read, the numbers are all about the same: according to Statista, “in […]

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Authentication of Social Media Evidence: A New Take on the Old Rules

Social Media has become a hotbed of potential evidence in many cases nationwide over the past several years. The more prevalent cases involving social media as evidence are in the field of personal injury, family law, criminal law, labor law and Workman’s Compensation. How can the researcher best access this invaluable data? How to get […]

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Video – Decision in the State of Florida regarding Judges Friending Attorneys on Facebook with Andy Adkins & Tom O’Connor

Tom and Andy have a rousing discussion surrounding the Third District Court of Appeal decision in the State of Florida on whether judges can friend attorneys on Facebook. Judge Thomas Logue’s unanimous opinion decided it is ok for judges to be friends with lawyers on Facebook. Read the entire article from the Miami Herald which states that “Facebook “friends” […]

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5 Clues Why Social Media Evidence is Hot and Here to Stay

By Andy Adkins – Social Media is becoming more prevalent in lawsuits today. You can no longer ignore it. Time and time again, Facebook posts & photos, Twitter tweets, Instagram photos, and YouTube videos are all potential evidence goldmines, if you know who, what, where, when, and how to grab it. This short session will […]

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Podcast – Practical Approaches to Preserving New (and Not-So-New) Digital Media

By Sharon Nelson, John Simek and Craig Ball – Social Media is a big deal in the legal profession. Not only is it being used to promote law practices but it’s increasingly being used as digital evidence in courtrooms. In this episode of Digital Detectives, hosts Sharon Nelson and John Simek of Sensei Enterprises talk […]

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Podcast – Judge Andrew Peck & Bill Hamilton Discuss Authentication of Social Media Evidence

This half hour podcast, moderated by Tom O’Connor, consultant to the legal profession, takes an in depth look from both sides of the bench. How to authenticate social media evidence has become a big challenge and the Honorable Judge Peck from the US District Court, Southern District of New York and Bill Hamilton, a veteran […]

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