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An Amazing Facebook Time Saving Search Tool Tip – A Must Read & Be Sure to Share!

POSTED ON July 3, 2017

By Andy Adkins – Imagine if you will…in a galaxy far, far away. Somewhere you remember seeing a post on your Facebook timeline…and, you think you remember the year…but, you don’t want to take the time to scroll down through all those years looking for that one particular post.

Now, imagine this…if you could go directly to the year and, if you remember, the month of that Facebook post, you wouldn’t have to scroll through all those years of posts. Believe it or not, Facebook has the ability to take you directly to the year and the month on your timeline.

How do you get there? Simply login and go to your Facebook account and to your own timeline (that’s NOT the Facebook “Home” button – it’s the “Name” button as shown below.
FacebookTimeline Tip 1Scroll down a little to get past your profile & cover photos and you’ll see the Timeline Search Toolbar magically appear. (Below left) There are two dropdowns: one gives you the ability to select your Timeline or your About page; the second provides you with the ability to select the Year.

And, if you’re looking through your client’s Facebook timeline (with their permission and credentials, of course) for relevant information regarding their legal matter, you don’t have to look through all their “stuff.” Just select the year and the month, and scroll through that memory lane. It’s really that simple.

What if you’re looking for specific information about a potential witness or juror, whom you are NOT friends with on Facebook? Does this apply to them, too? In a word, “YES.”

Now tell me the truth, did I just save you a ton of time with this tip?

FacebookTimeline DropdownFacebookTimeline Tip

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