The pervasive nature of social media has made it an extraordinary source of legal evidence today. As such, there is both a duty to preserve social media content and a need to access relevant social media evidence in litigation.

Social Evidence™ is a cloud-based application that quickly and accurately collects, organizes, and analyzes data from specific social media sites for named accounts and provides tools to assist the legal professional to easily search, find, and use relevant case-related information in a repeatable, admissible, and legally-defensible format.

Jon Mills, Dean Emeritus at the University of Florida Levin College of Law and author of several books on Privacy, and Bill Hamilton, an experienced litigator and eDiscovery pioneer in a large law firm and the Director of the UF Levin College of Law eDiscovery Project are both law professors at UF. Beginning with the idea that attorneys need the tools to search, analyze, and use social media content within the framework of a legal matter, Kevin Miller, a former software engineer and a former student of both Jon and Bill and now an IP attorney in Gainesville, Florida, started work on a product design that would draw key concepts from an attorney’s notes and case documents and use them to drive the automated search and analysis of social media content.

It became quickly evident that the product had real potential to eliminate many of the current technical barriers to social media evidence collection and the three immediately recognized that the ground-breaking legal design could emerge as a new standard in the legal profession.

Glenn Sturm, an attorney in Atlanta and close friend of Jon Mills also saw this design as the potential to engage the Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC). IHMC has worked extensively on research that empowers users to construct systems to navigate and share knowledge models represented as concept maps.

Martha Barnett is an experienced litigator in a large law firm and a former Chief Privacy Officer at the innovative technology firm TLO that specializes in fraud, risk and investigatory technology tools. She is also a close friend of the Team and has acknowledged that this product had significant potential in not only the legal profession, but also additional industries outside of legal.

Dr. Arnold Heggestad, also a close friend, brings a wealth of business and financial experience and knowledge to the Team. Dr. Heggestad is Professor Emeritus in Finance and Entrepreneurship at the University of Florida and has worked with many startup companies during his tenure.

Andy Adkins, a former Chief Information Officer at a large law firm and the former director of the Legal Technology Institute at the University of Florida Levin College of Law, joined the Team in the early stages as Chief Information Officer and Project Manager. Kevin and Andy drafted the detailed Software Requirements and Functional Specifications for Social Evidence. Andy is directly responsible for overseeing the development of the product.