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Social Evidence® is a Cloud-based application that quickly and accurately collects, organizes, and analyzes data from specific social media sites for named accounts and provides tools to assist the legal professional to easily search, find, and use relevant case-related information in a repeatable, admissible, and legally-defensible format.

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Is "Private" really private? Interesting take on this new landscape...

"US wants 5 years' worth of social media history from visa applications" - will this become law? via @csoonline

SM in litigation - evolving standards; more to come...

Keep an eye on this one...

Can you or can't you? Interesting perspectives in this article, "Social Media in the Hiring Process: Pitfalls and Protections" via @NJLJ

You've heard about the controversial Facebook & Cambridge Analytica news. Remember those "personality" tests you may have taken on Facebook a couple of years ago and those Facebook quizzes you continue to take now? via @CNNMoney

"Lawyers advising clients regarding the contents of a social media site must be aware of potential disclosure obligations and the duty of preservation, which begins at the moment litigation is reasonably anticipated." via @NYLawJournal

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times... there is NO privacy on social media... even if your privacy settings are set to private.

From SocialMediaToday - Celebrating International Women's Day on Social [Infographic] via socialmedia2day

Once again... On a motion to compel that remarkably made its way all the way to the Court of Appeals, New York’s high court holds that even materials deemed “private” by a Facebook user are subject to discovery, if relevant.

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How is social evidence transforming ediscovery?

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"As an experienced litigator and eDiscovery partner in a major law firm, I learned firsthand that social media evidence is often case critical. It is imperative to have a tool like Social Evidence to forensically collect and analyze the vast troves of social media data to build our cases and to perform our legal duties to preserve, collect, and produce relevant social media evidence."
Bill Hamilton
eDiscovery expert & social evidence board member

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