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2017 Best Legal Blog Contest
We just announced our sponsorship of the 3rd annual E-Discovery Day on December 1st! Join us and other leaders in the e-discovery field for a day full of activities to promote and celebrate the vital role of e-discovery in the legal industry. Check out the lineup and sign up for the newsletter here #eDiscoveryDay
2017 Best Legal Blog Contest
Fantastic news! Out of 1,000's of entrants, Social Evidence made the cut and has been chosen as a nominee for the 3rd Annual Expert Institute Best Legal Blog. We are currently awaiting results of the voting. Thank you for your votes and support.

Social + Evidence

Social Evidence® is a Cloud-based application that quickly and accurately collects, organizes, and analyzes data from specific social media sites for named accounts and provides tools to assist the legal professional to easily search, find, and use relevant case-related information in a repeatable, admissible, and legally-defensible format.

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SHAMELESS! These #Social Media posts by people with absolutely no shame will have you in stitches. The power of social media can sometimes be placed into the wrong hands! #SocialEvidence

A Philadelphia employer conducting background screening may soon have to navigate no less than six federal, state and local laws. Other jurisdictions also have background-check related laws, creating an even larger headache for multistate employers.

What are the current trends in e-discovery? What did we learn from 2017 case law? How are you dealing with security & new data concerns? These questions (and more), will be addressed during the 3rd Annual E-discovery Day on December 1st -> #eDiscoveryDay

INCREDIBLE Checklist for #Rule26(f) Conference Regarding Electronically Stored Information (“ESI”), USDC, Southern District of Florida by #RalphLosey. Share, share, share!

A PA appellate panel found that an employee's tweet, which led to her dismissal, did not violate her employer's SM policy and did not constitute willful misconduct to disqualify her from receiving unemployment compensation benefits.

Finding that a user’s designation of a Facebook page as “private” did not shield it from discovery if the information sought is relevant; parties have no “reasonable expectation of privacy” in the information posted on #Facebook.

Deleting posts that you think your opponent could use against you in a court case could be treated as destruction of evidence or spoliation–a serious offense in a civil or criminal law case.Don't do it!!!

Gumpher v. Unemployment Bd. of Review, No. 1735 C.D. 2016, 8/30/17. This case is a reminder that Courts may consider #SocialMedia posts by employees which undermine or contradict arguments or factual allegations advanced by the employee in litigation. undefined

The decision in Plant v API Microelectronics Limited is helpful for employers looking to dismiss employees for social media misconduct, but it also reinforces the importance of having a social media policy in place. #LaborLaw #EmolymentLaw #SocialEvidence

#SocialMedia can also draw negative attention to your company. And often times employees are the culprit when it comes to negative social media coverage. #SocialEvidence #Media #SocialMediaPolicy

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How is social evidence transforming ediscovery?

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"As an experienced litigator and eDiscovery partner in a major law firm, I learned firsthand that social media evidence is often case critical. It is imperative to have a tool like Social Evidence to forensically collect and analyze the vast troves of social media data to build our cases and to perform our legal duties to preserve, collect, and produce relevant social media evidence."
Bill Hamilton
eDiscovery expert & social evidence board member

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Social Evidence Blog Has Been Nominated for The Expert Institute’s 3rd Annual Best Legal Blog Contest
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